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Combining knowledge of interior design, sustainable design, home organising, and integral wellbeing.

During your consultation:

  • We will have fun!

  • You will see results straight away

  • I will make sure we keep the momentum going

  • Trained in the KonMari Method® it is my joy to serve you. I will guide your process so you develop excellent decision-making skills

  • While I am the guide, you are the owner of your space and it is your decision what to retain, what to let go, and where your things are placed – with the end result a polished, personal reflection of your unique style and preferences

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“Celine is a very gentle and passionate woman who enjoys teaching the KonMari Method® and I like her energy. The thing that I most appreciate from Celine’s teachings is to be able to organize my clothes in a way that I can see everything I have. So I now feel happy folding every piece because I know where to put everything, and I can use more of my pieces and not use the same clothes again and again, and my drawers look amazingly organized.”

Adriana, Glen Innes, Auckland, NZ

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