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Celine Sumic and Lumen Living®
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Linking architectural terminology with spiritual metaphor, Lumen Living® is the lifestyle design label of certified KonMari® Consultant Celine Sumic.

Fifth generation New Zealander with Degrees in Japanese, Dance, and Architecture, I have a passion for the intersection of elegant lifestyle design and the well-being of people and environment.  Postgraduate research in the creative and performing arts allowed for further exploration of this interest, from which I evolved my design philosophy founded on the integral nature of one’s internal and external environment.


The vision of Lumen Living® is to creatively combine lifestyle design, home organising, and well-being technologies, via a range of consultancy services and designer products, to uplift your spirit and support your best life.

Principles of Lumen Living Lifestyle Design:

1. Movement is Life

And the nature of that movement is circular, cyclic

2. As Within so Without

We are in a reciprocal dance with our environment

3. Your Body is Your First Architecture

Serving by turn as lens, vessel, and location from which we live

4. Conscious Belonging is Key to Optimal Wellbeing

Caring for our possessions and our relationships restores our health

I look forward to working with you to bring more joy, peace, and productivity to your life.

Celine Sumic

Lifestyle Designer

Director Lumen Living® /Spark Joy NZ

Certified Consultant KonMari Method®

Helping you Sort Your Space and Clear Your Mind - so You Can Shine!

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©2023 Lumen Living / Spark Joy NZ

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