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Helping you Sort Your Space and Clear Your Mind - so You Can Shine
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As a Certified Consultant in the KonMari Method® I can advise and support you to improve the order, function, and energetic flow of your home.

Using Marie Kondo's famous method to organise and beautify your home inevitably brings joy in the present moment and has a ripple effect that positively impacts other aspects of your life, including your health and relationships - bringing magical, long-term results.

As a Homestar Practitioner, I am well placed to advise home owners on design features for their home, and assist in the design or modification of the home towards gaining Homestar Certification.

What is Homestar?  Homestar is an independent rating tool created by the New Zealand Green Building Council to assess the health, efficiency, and sustainability, of homes across Aotearoa New Zealand. It provides a clear framework for the design and build of environmentally sustainable, warm, healthy, homes.

For more more detail on my range of workshops, presentations, and consultations, please select from the options below, or visit our Packages page.


Designing for Your Best Life

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