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A Well Designed Kitchen Can Change Your Life?

Research shows good design enhances your well-being and relationships

With the kitchen now functioning as both the practical and relational hub of the home, it makes sense to consider how the design of this space might best support your life. Who shares this space, how do your paths intersect at key moments in the day? How do you want your kitchen to feel – and what impression do you want it to have on your visitors?

These questions are important, and according to cutting edge research (says Cambridge University Professor Koen Steemers and an article by Gwendolyn Purdom in Houzz), answering them well by fine tuning your kitchen layout and aesthetic can contribute to your well-being and enhance your relationships. While kitchen design can be something of a complex choreography, my background in architecture and dance means I’m well placed to help you on that journey and tailor your space so it delivers the best solution for your lifestyle.

For inquiries or to book a consult, contact Celine at

For a discussion of this philosophy in the form of a case study, please see my post A Kitchen Design Case Study

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