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Cosy Fresh Winter Ambience

A simple way to make your bedroom feel warmer and more inviting is to change up the lighting and soft furnishings in the room. I found this worked particularly well recently with my small apartment bedroom.

You can see how I swapped out the arc lamps for new library-style lamps with linen shades that cast a more generous light across the room. The material of the lamps and the distribution of light create a warmer, more spacious effect. This is because the light is now cast both up and down – reaching the corners of the room and bathing the space in a more general glow. As a result the room feels more spacious, and one’s eye is drawn across the room in a horizontal trajectory by the repetition of plant-light-bed-light-plant. Directing the eye in this way makes us perceive the room to be wider.

Adding some Euro pillows to the bed contributes softness, with the green and white floral design echoing the theme of the artwork above and further supporting the horizontal journey of the eye.

Finally, a quilted featherdown blanket adds a tailored touch of luxury, its cappuccino tone partnering well with the linen lamp shades. A rose-geranium scent completes my cosy fresh winter bedroom style!

Would you like some help curating your space to enhance your lifestyle and home ambience? Book a call with Celine to learn more about the Lumen Living Lifestyle Design Consultation:

cosy fresh winter style

bedroom before

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