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Joy! An Introductory Workshop at Chichester Cottage

My Kitchen My Continent

Have you noticed how the state of your home tends to reflect the state of your mind? Join Lifestyle Designer Celine Sumic, as she discusses how the reciprocal nature of your relationship with your home environment can be consciously recalibrated to bring you more joy!

In this introductory workshop, Celine will share her understanding of how employing the KonMari Method™ to create a well-organised and beautiful home finetunes your thinking to a place of intentional living based on positive emotion, which enhances both your health and your relationships.

The inspiring benefits of the KonMari Method™ are for people of all ages and all social, economic, and ethnic demographics.

When:  3:30pm Sunday 9th April

Where: Chichester Cottage, Bears Park, Hobsonville Point

Cost:      $5.00                    RSVP:  (027 2344 498)

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