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Lifestyle Design Consult

In the New Zealand context many people prefer a DIY approach when making changes to their home.  Coupled with this trend is an increasing awareness of the role the home environment plays in one’s health and wellbeing.

Responding to these trends, Lumen Living offers a Lifestyle Design Consultation combining knowledge of interior design, sustainable design, integral wellbeing, and home organising, to empower the client to make holistically considered decisions regarding their living space.  The consult can be for the whole of the dwelling, or just one room.  The scope of this service may include discussion of the layout of the home, arrangement of furniture and accessories, lighting, soft furnishings, colours, and finishes.

Would you like some help curating your space to enhance your lifestyle and home ambience? Book a call with Celine to learn more about the Lumen Living Lifestyle Design Consultation:


Gift Card for Design /Lifestyle Consult 

To purchase a Lumen Living gift card for a Lifestyle Design Consult, please contact Celine at:

“When I was given a Lumen Living gift card for a Design/Lifestyle Consult, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I live in a compact rental accommodation and although I had been wanting to make some changes for a while I wasn’t sure how to go about it.  Celine’s advice was wonderful in that she not only helped to clarify the direction I wanted to go in, but provided focused advice on specific areas of my home and made me aware that I could achieve the results I was seeking in a much more affordable manner than I had imagined”

– Evania

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