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Table for Three (with Jordan and Marie)

I was sitting in my lonely little apartment the other day, thinking about my mythical other life (the one in which I have a sexy husband of internationally superlative quality), and I thought, oh well, until my husband manifests, perhaps I’ll just have a few small dinner parties in the interim. So – who’s coming to dinner this week?

Leafing through a pile of current favourite books with winter almost upon us, I wondered who do I know that would enjoy spiced carrot cake with homemade custard for dessert? I recall Marie is invested in the art of baking bread, perhaps she would appreciate my wintry dessert effort? Certainly, as a newly baptised Consultant in Training in the KonMari Method® I would love her feedback on my artistically arranged spices laid out so prettily in a leftover shoe box lid… Invitation to Marie on its way!

Now, who to complete the table? A balance of yin and yang is in order… Knowing Marie will smile the whole time like the sun rising over a Sound of Music hillside freshly washed with spring rain, best if it’s a man, and someone with melancholic gravitas – someone guaranteed to bring a delightful and brilliant but nonetheless sombre intellectual weight to the table… Ahh! I have it – the perfect compliment to Marie:

While ostensibly an observer on the necessity of individual order in our unfolding collective moment, ultimately Jordan Peterson (in Rule 6 of his first 12) offers a wonderful reflection on the mutual mathematics of the ordering of self and space. Oh Marie! – our favourite subject! You are going to love him!

Jordan, I can’t wait to hear you and Marie exchange notes on how restraining one’s nihilistic critique of the world in favour of summoning the courage to tell oneself the truth, and how choosing the elements with which we dance in life through the selection criteria of joy, can – and indeed is – radically changing the world.

Let’s set the table!

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