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Growing Well

Our Dance with Our Environment

At Lumen Living, our approach is founded on our awareness of the reciprocal relationship between ourselves and the environment. We use the metaphor of dance to describe this dynamic as it’s an organic, lived experience (as opposed to a static state). In this ‘dance-like’ relationship we find the opportunity to finetune our connection with our living environment by reviewing the relationship we have with our possessions. We do this using the famous KonMari Method®.

What is the KonMari Method®?

The KonMari Method® is a process developed by Marie Kondo to help organise your home. Part of the magic of this process, in addition to clarifying your preferences and clearing the clutter from your physical space, is the development of positive focus and greater productivity. In terms of adding value there is no doubt this is a great thing! Through the process of addressing the things we own and the space in which we live, we generate a greater sense of self-determination and positive, action-oriented accountability.

Building a Life of Positive Focus

For young people and the young at heart, this translates to an elegant strategy for successful individuation (the development of one’s personality and life skills). Enhancing both our inner and outer world, we live more intentionally, surrounded by things we love. This, in my view, is the true genius of the KonMari methodology. Developing one’s capacity for intentional choice based on positive emotion helps to build clarity on what constructively brings us closer to our objectives. In this way, a person develops greater awareness and discernment – which ultimately translates to excellent decision-making in their personal and professional future.

“My kids thoroughly enjoyed having Celine teach them about the importance of organising their things and looked forward to her returning. It was great having someone other than myself explain these things to them and they found the start of each session very calming with Celine’s use of tuning forks and crystals. They now know it’s important to look after and keep their things tidy and that everything has a place. The overall space feels better and less chaotic, and they are able to easily sort their things into categories. This helps them to joyfully select what they want to keep and say goodbye to things they are no longer using or serving a purpose.

They also loved the short worksheets Celine created and I believe this helped them to remember what Celine had taught them. They will always remember their experience with Celine and some very positive things came out of the consultations.”

– Carina, Beach Haven, Auckland, NZ

Book a Free Discovery Call

Click the link below to book a free discovery call – we’ll discuss how the quality of your life is connected to your relationship with the things you own and the space in which you live, and how, by optimising this connection, we can support the positive individuation of your young person – which will help them achieve not only a tidy and pleasant room, but greater confidence and success in life.

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