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Growing Well – an Introductory Workshop for the Young and Young at Heart

Joy at the Centre of a Healthy and Harmonious Lifestyle

As a Certified Consultant in the KonMari Method™ Celine will share her understanding of how creating a well-organised and beautiful home the KonMari way finetunes your thinking to a place of intentional living based on positive emotion, which enhances both your health and your relationships.

Growing Well

In this introductory workshop Celine will outline how the KonMari Method™ uses whole body intelligence to facilitate the development of positive self-awareness and practical life skills – which inevitably result in not only a tidy room, but greater confidence and excellent decision-making skills that sets a person up for success in both their personal and professional future.

The inspiring benefits of the KonMari Method™ are for people of all ages and all social, economic, and ethnic demographics.

When: 3:30pm Saturday 22nd April

Where: Chichester Cottage, Bears Park, Hobsonville Point

Cost:    $5.00           RSVP:  (027 2344 498)

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