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The Conscious Closet – Autumn Special

As we head into autumn Lumen Living is offering a ‘Two for One’ special on our wardrobe organisation plan to celebrate the change of seasons. Purchase one Lumen Living Conscious Closet Home Organising Package (valued at $450) and receive a second one free! Gift to a friend, or share the special with another and thereby secure a 50% discount on this fabulous package.

A well organised wardrobe will enhance your wellbeing!

As clothing houses the body after our skin it’s the closest relationship we have with the external world. This is why, within the KonMari Method®, we always start with the category of clothing (before the other categories of books, papers, miscellaneous objects, etc) when deciding what to keep and what to discard. In this way the KonMari Method uses somatic experience (the experience of one’s living body) to help us connect to our authentic appraisal of joy.

The Conscious Closet ‘Cleanse and Curate’ $450

(2 for 1 Special! valid for the months of April and May 2023)

Wardrobe organization and styling package (6 consultation hours)

2 x 3 hour consultations

What is the KonMari Method®?

The KonMari Method® is a process developed by Marie Kondo to help organise your home. Part of the magic of this process, in addition to clarifying your preferences and clearing the clutter from your physical space, is the development of positive focus and greater productivity. In terms of adding value there is no doubt this is a great thing! Through the process of addressing the things we own and the space in which we live, we generate a greater sense of positive self-determination. So my Autumn special is a double win! Not only do you end up with a tidy wardrobe tailored to your unique personality and situation, but your mind and heart are uplifted, which ultimately impacts every aspect of your life in a beautiful way.

“Celine is a very gentle and passionate woman who enjoys teaching the KonMari Method® and I like her energy. The thing that I most appreciate from Celine’s teachings is to be able to organize my clothes in a way that I can see everything I have. So I now feel happy folding every piece because I know where to put everything, and I can use more of my pieces and not use the same clothes again and again, and my drawers look amazingly organized.”

– Adriana, Glen Innes, Auckland, NZ

“Celine helped me joyfully select clothing, accessories, bags and shoes and helped me rearrange my closet so that I now know every item in my possession. My drawers are also now organised so that I can see everything in them at a glance. Celine guided and supported me in the process and has been a delight to work with. She has an eye for creating spaces so items are more connected, and my bedroom is looking much more beautiful and inviting than it has in years.”

– Carina, Beach Haven, Auckland, NZ

“One thing I found beneficial about my consultation experience was that it appears to be a systematic approach that could be applied to many aspects of one’s life. As a result I am now wearing more of what I have as it is all clearly on view, thus presenting an opportunity to wear the items with joy. Thank you for getting me on the road to a calmer, more harmonious place with my things.”

– Geraldine, Redvale, Auckland, NZ

Visit my Home Organising page to learn more, or click the link below to book a free discovery call – we’ll discuss how you and your environment are connected in an energetic dance, and how, as a Certified KonMari Consultant, I can help you ‘cleanse and curate’ your wardrobe to bring you more joy!

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