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Homestar Practitioner

As a

Homestar Practioner, Celine is well placed to advise home owners on design features for their home, and assist in the design or modification of a home towards gaining Homestar Certification.

What is Homestar?

Homestar is a rating tool that evaluates the environmental attributes of New Zealand residential property.  The objective of the tool is to improve the performance of the home while also reducing its impact upon the environment, in this way facilitating the production of warm, healthy, comfortable living spaces. To get a sense of how Homestar works, click here for some Homestar Case Studies.

The Homestar system allows for both self-assessment via an online tool, and independent certification via a Homestar Assessor.  In addition to the certification of an existing home, a rating can also be provided for the design phase of a new home or renovation by a Homestar Practitioner.  This process is encouraged in order to provide the property owner with early recommendations that will support the final certification of the project.

For more information on Homestar, visit

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